RW 2268 Sizing

It’s no secret that Red Wing 2268’s are a popular brand. The average sale price on these boots, recently, has been around $250+. This is a pretty descent price considering what Okuyama (Hukurokuju) can do with them for about $300 extra.

A concern; however, has been the sizing. What I’ve done was gather some data that’ll give an idea of a just a few different sizes that have been made available.

- Supportive Texon And Sweat-Resistant Chrome-Tanned Leatherboard Insole
- Neoprene Cord Outer Soles For High Traction And Durability
- Water-Repellent
- Steel Toe

**Note that all the information below is, word-for-word, from the seller.  What in the world are "Dogger Heels?"  You can't make words up... 

Actually, "Dogger Heels" are normally associated with western boots.