Friday, January 8, 2021


Today marks another significant milestone in my professional military career. It was on this very day, 26 years ago, I was on a charter bus with a group of other Recruiting Station Los Angeles “Poolees” (Recruiting Sub-Station Pasadena for me) headed south on Interstate 5 to Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego with hopes of earning the title, “Marine.”

Now after a total of 11 duty assignments, unmatched training spanning the globe and three combat deployments, I am preparing for what may well be my last duty assignment that will take me into my 30 years of maximum allowable service.

I cannot go any further in rank on my as I’ve had the honor and privilege of reaching the top of the enlisted food chain back in 2015 — although, some around me like to joke that I’m shooting for the non-existent rank of E-10 based on my competitive nature during our annual fitness tests.

Career satisfaction nowadays comes in the form of training, coaching and mentoring Marines that’ll honor our Core Values and carry on our legacy.

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