Monday, November 30, 2020


Brand: Beck
Model: Northeaster Flying Togs 333
Circa: Early 1940s
Color: Brown
Size: Not labeled, but appears to be 38
Chest: 20.5”
Length: 25"
Sleeve: 24"
Leather: Pony-weight Horsehide
Hardware: Brass and Nickel, Talon zippers
Condition: Excellent used with slight stitching and lining issues
Sold For: $2,125.99 / 65 Bids

I originally created this blog to archive things I found interesting and over the years, folks -- to include myself -- have used it as a resource from which to compare prices on vintage clothing items. I've captured information on vintage Beck Engineer Boots several times in the past, but have never posted about their jackets.

Early versions of the Beck 333 jacket come up once or twice a year and they always seam to garner quite a bit of attention, so I thought it would be neat to finally start archiving them. An example from the past year or two even sold for over 4k if I recall correctly. 

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