Sunday, June 16, 2019


Brand: Keystone Shoe Co.
Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Brown
Sizes: 5 - 12 D or E
Leather: Horween
Insole: Flexible Leather Insole
Hardware: Nickle
Price: ¥ 58,000 ($535.00)


Most of today's best Engineer Boots come from Japan! Released this past March with an estimated 3-6 month build, Keystone is such a welcome addition to a market saturated with an incredibly vast selection of unimaginative heritage Engineer Boots.

Those who have followed my blog long enough know I'm a huge fan of Takeshi Okuyama's work and to know that he has dipped his feet into the new boot market with this collaboration, makes these attractive boots even more appealing.

These will undoubtedly last ten lifetimes seeing as they are coming out of the Fukurokuju camp. Add to this the mind-blowingly low price along with the striking overall profile and you have entry-level, intermediate level, and top level boots wrapped up in one amazing boot package -- you won't need another pair of  boots ... until The Top Three come out with another must-have, of course =)

I'd recommend Keystone to anyone looking to get into Engineer Boots.

Channeled and flexible insoles for ultimate comfort and durability

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