Monday, January 1, 2018


There have been a few new offerings by various brands this past year, but none have really held my attention like those listed below as my top three. And while this list may seem like a broken record to those familiar with my blog, there's no denying keen eyes were used during the research and development phase to create some mighty fine footwear. The application of components complement each other making for visually stimulating Engineer Boots worthy of holding any top three spot in any category.

Those in the market for boots that’ll look better and better with age, last a lifetime, and hold its value, look no further than those offered by these three big-hitters.

It's also worth noting that each brand is appropriately priced at under $1,000. Invest in the best without breaking the bank.
l-r: Lofgren, Attractions, Mister Freedom®

Brand: Mister Freedom®
Model: Road Champ
Price: $949.95
Why? At the time these were released, there were only a few companies offering boots that paid homage to that bygone era of fashionable footwear. I purchased both the The Real McCoy's Buco and Toys McCoy Beck -- neither of which really looked like the originals -- but with no other option available, they were the best at the time. I sold them both. Enter the Road Champ Boots. They were an original design by one of the most revered brands and it was exactly what the market needed. The design was so unique that I was a bit skeptical and finally I pulled the trigger in 2011. They remain  a personal favorite.
The Road Champs are super versatile. They go with everything in my wardrobe from slacks to cords to denim and have many faces. They're built like tanks, too!
Colors: Brown, Black
Sizes: 7-12
Released: 2009
Availability: Be sure to get on the wait list immediately to secure a pair -- absolutely worth the wait.

Brand: John Lofgren & Co.
Price: $956 - $1,052
Why? One of the best tributes to midcentury Engineer Boots with the sleekest curves and perfect proportions from one of the highly reputable and influential brands on the market. Made in Japan with pride and with premium select materials. These boots are indestructible!
Colors: Horween CXL in Black, Brown and Natural, Burgundy, Cognac (Badalassi), Sand (Suede)
Sizes: 6-12
Released: 2012
Availability: Currently available for purchase

Brand: Attractions
Model/Price: Lot 508 ($870), Lot 444 ($700), Lot 268 ($700), Lot 329 ($600)
Why? When you can design Engineer Boots that look like they came right out of a 1950's Montgomery Ward catalog and have them age like an original, there's no question they deserve a spot in my top three. They're tough as nails and age so well!
Sizes: 6-11(D)
Released: August 2014
Availability: Currently available for purchase

Honorable Mentions

These are boots that have been on my radar this past year, but since I'm a creature of habit and am content with the boots that have served me so well up to this point I can't justify purchasing more things that'll just take up room in my already packed closets. If and when I get that hankerin' for something new, I've got these in my cross hairs

Brand: Viberg
Model/Last: 2050 (Chelsea)
Price: $780
Availability: Currently available for purchase

Brand: Re-Broth
Model/Last: Godfather
Price: $567 as pictured, but starting at $478
Availability: Stock boots currently available for purchase or have 'em custom made

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