Friday, April 3, 2015


"Pre-1955 Chippewa's"

We all love a good looking pair of vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots, but to call these "1940's" is a misnomer. 

Sellers most often associate the above label as that from the the 1940's. While somewhat true, these Vintage Engineer Boots should be considered "Pre-1955's."

The transition from the above label went from three lines below the roping design (that dates back to the companies early days) to four when "Reg.US.Pat.Off" was added in 1955, thereby identifying four lines as "Post-1955" through the early 1960's (more on this decade to present day on a future post).



So, before you drop a good chunk of your scratch on that pair of Chippewa's you should ask yourself, "Am I paying for the classic look or the seller's claim that they are Horsehide?"

The Seller of these boots did not use misleading key words and sold them off at an amazing buy it now price. Kudos! I would have quickly snatched these up at the initial asking price of $1,115. 

What I love about this pair is how the toes haven't yet deflated. Have fun shaping character into these, lucky new owner!

I'd like to reiterate that Chippewa's were never made with Horsehide leather. There are sellers around the globe that pretty much describe any and all old Chippewa's (to include other brands) as Horsehide because of the way the cowhide ages. I attribute the way vintage Chippewa leather looks and feels to their special hides as well as the tanning process this company used.

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