Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Buddy Holly & The Crickets were riding high on the charts with "Rave On" and" Maybe Baby" on May 13, 1958 when they finished a long tour and flew to Love Field to buy some motorbikes in Dallas, Texas. They would have a larger selection than their hometown of Lubbock.

Buddy, J.I. and Joe B. first went to the East side of Downtown Dallas where there were numerous bike shops on Main & Elm Streets. They did not get very good treatment at these shops as the salesmen thought they were just some kids taking up their time and had no idea who they were and that they had their pockets lined with cash.

In fact, they first visited a Harley Davidson store where the salesman told them not to touch the machines and insinuated that they leave the store!  After receiving treatment like this at these shops, they took a cab to the ay Miller Triumph Motorcycle Sales at 3600 W. Davis.  Cockrell Hill residents Mr. & Mrs. Ray Miller recognized them, and were most accommodating to the three West Texas hit-makers, so Buddy & The Crickets each decided on a bike they wanted.  Buddy picked an Ariel Cyclone, J.I. got a Triumph Trophy, and Joe B. decided on a Triumph Thunderbird, all the latest 1958 models.  Each was priced at over $1000 which the guys paid for with cash.  After a trip back to show off to the Harley dealer, they then drove them home to Lubbock (approx. 350 miles).

The band in Lee denim