Saturday, May 29, 2010


Knapp Bros. was cofounded by Elwin and Clarence Knapp in 1921; however, their Engineer Boots got their start as early as the 1940's.  Many later models from around the 1980's/1990's emerged recently and have brought less than desireable scratch.  I'm unsure as to when production on these boots ended, but as indicated below, I'm guessing as late as the last decade.

I'd love to to see how these boots will look with the Okuyama (Hukurokuju) sole treatement - Cat's Paw half sole and stacked/Woodsman Cat's Paw heels.

The following four photographs are from Rin Tanaka's My Freedamn! 5

$350 - 1950's

$224.50 - 1960's
Size 9D, $47.00 - Circa 1980's/1990's?
Size 13D, Offered for $60 Buy It Now

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