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Easyriders Nasty Feet Boots were produced by Chippewa as early as the late 1960 and up until the 1980's. At this point, when it was time for Easyriders to renew their contract, Chippewa was asking for too much scratch along with personality differences between the two top dogs, so Easyriders awarded the contract to Red Wing.

It began when Easyriders wanted to branch out and market their own riding boots. Who better to take on this task than two boot companies decades of motorcycle bootmaking history? These boots carried on the appeal of both Chippewa and Red Wing boots, but Easyriders took it a step further by adding a knife pocket on one boot shaft and a money pocket on the other. This wasn't offered by any other boot company at the time (Wesco added this to their list of options a year or two ago) .  Nasty Feet's were marketed as "Tough Guy" boots.

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1975 - Obviously made by Chippewa

Post-early 1980's Red Wing.  One look at the buckle and one can tell this is made by Red Wing; thereby, determining the circa.  Notice the toe track.  Red Wing 2268's can still be found with toe tracks to this very day, though hard to come by.  Toe tracks are indentations/blemishes left behind from boot lasts during manufacturing.  A flaw that would normally cause a company to render boots a “second” is recognized by collectors as valuable and can add at least another bill to the final price.

Women's Red Wing


  1. Hi L.M., did the uncensored version of the poster give it away? :)

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  3. These photos bring up a question I have about engineer boot styles. The Chippewa engineer boots' vamp and heel counter barely intersect, whereas the Red Wing (and Wesco and Viberg and White's) have a much stronger interface between vamp and heel counter. The stronger interface makes the boots much more attractive to my eye, but does it make for a better constructed boot? It seems to me that it would.

  4. It's all just a matter of style - all the boots you mention above are all well constructed. I do agree that the stronger interface is somewhat more visually pleasing. However, I can't discount my Chippewa's as they are one of my favorite Engineer Boots.

  5. oh, second pairs of nasty feet are mine! thanks for repost my boots! great blog, man.