Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Contemplating sending him some boots. I just can't figure out the website!
Maybe blog on how you do?

Source: www.Hukurokuju.com

Step 1. Search the Hukurokuju Blog (ten years of builds!) and choose the resole style you like. Save the photo(s). I'm having my boots built with the above specifics.

Step 2. E-mail Takeshi Okuyama at scip-evo@hukurokuju.com with the type of boots/shoes you have along with the saved photo(s) from step 1.

Step 3. You should receive an e-mail from them within a few days with some questions regarding your build and asking you to send the boots.

Step 4. Send your boots to (don't forget to purchase insurance):

Fukurokuju Boot Repair Shop
1-13-8 Nihonzutsumi
Taitoku, Tokyo

* I just sent mine today using USPS and the shipping was $77.85. I'm sure there are better, less expensive options out there like ... DHL?

Step 5. Send a courtesy e-mail letting them know you've sent the boots.

Step 6. You may receive an e-mail from them confirming receipt of the boots. Now that the boots can be inspected, they may have further questions about the build. At this point, they may give you a roundabout time frame for when you'll get 'em back -- usually a minimum of two months.

Simple as that!

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