Thursday, June 8, 2017


It's no secret that one would have to reach deep into their pocket in order to own some of the best boots on the market. And if you're going to spend some hard-earned scratch on a pair of Engineer Boots, why not own what I consider to be the best out there?

Here is a short  list of my favorite Engineer Boots for under $1,000. The list may look familiar, but when someone can show me a pair of boots that look better and can stand up to the elements I'll consider adding them to the list. Until then, enjoy!

 Mister Freedom Road Champ Boots
Price: $949.95

 John Lofgren
Price: $978.00

Attractions & Co.
Price: $660-$780

Standard & Strange x Wesco
Price: $800 (pre-order $400 deposite by 21 June 17)
Ships October 2017

Honorable mention - This is outside the $1,000 threshold for this post, but what's another $60 for some sexy a$$ boots, eh?
Photo: Brass Tokyo Instagram
Clinch by Brass Tokyo
Price: $1,060

Keep an eye out for my next boot category.

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