Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I've had a lot of folks hit me up on my opinion of the new Wesco 7400s and all I have to say is, "it's about time!"

Photo source: Standard and Strange

Wesco Narrow / Photo source: Wesco Japan

The "Narrow" model, released in the Asian market back in 2009, were a huge hit with the same features as the new 7400 and all we could do was sit back and ogle over them from afar. Locals used proxy services to obtain a new pair and many had Wesco USA or Baker's custom build a Boss with MP toes to mimic the look. There were even limited offerings during one of Inspiration LA's early shows back in 2010.

Photo source: Standard and Strange

I've always admired the Narrows, but never understood how some of the best exclusive American-made homage models could be exported and not offered to the CONUS-based collectors. I actually do understand ... money ... contracts ... blah, blah, blah, but it's frustrating nonetheless. Heck, Red Wing just recently started offering the model 2268 on their site while there are far better models offered OCONUS (or S&S in the case of #2966).

Photo source: Standard and Strange

So here we are years after the MP toe craze and following the release of so many amazing homage boots from the likes of John Lofgren, Clinch, Mister Freedom, Role Club, etc. with narrow, flat tow profiles and now the 7400. It's a great looking boot. The Narrow profile always has been a favorite and with an attractive price point to boot.

Photo source: Standard and Strange

While the Narrow were offered in Horsehide (shaft and counter only; vamp made with Black Tie leather) and white welt stitching, the 7400 is made with all Black Tie leather, copper buckles and black welt stitching. All other characteristics appear the same.

Photo source: Standard and Strange

I do recommend this boot to any collector or first-time buyer, but bear in mind that, like tattoos, you can't have just one. At a minimum, someone getting into Engineers will own two. As an owner of a pair of Wesco MP Toe inspired by the Narrow as well as other high-end Engineers that span a fairly narrow price point, I feel it's important to choose the one that will sooner satisfy your craving.

To get your hands on a pair, look no further than Standard & Strange

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