Thursday, December 1, 2016


Brian The Bootmaker's RC1940 last replicates the profile and toe box true boot collectors dream to find on original 1930's - 1950's Engineer Boots. And the best part? The unstructured toe box flattens out just like an original. This is a characteristic found only on a handful of today's homage boots, which comes with a premium I'm more than happy to pay.


Shown here is the evolution of the RC1940 last with my Mister Freedom® Road Champ Engineer Boots (right) with Role Club and VEB Leather modification (MD) just a few days back from Brian.

On the left are my RC1940 Whites Boots Semi-Dress boots in Horsehide beginning to deflate with just two months of wear.


My RC1940 Role Club LII98 I personally studded and added a ball chain D-pocket to are completely deflated at seven months old and developing a square'ish shape.


There you have it, folks -- the evolution of one the best lasts on todays market. I'd like to note that Road Champs have had the best last since their release back in 2009  but this particular pair were a half size too big and I decided to have Brian give them a defined shape during the resize process. No big deal since they'll flatten out with some new attitude.

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