Wednesday, February 10, 2016


The original idea was to post my experience of the Role Club Engineer Boots after having lived in them for some time in order to provide my readers with a comprehensive review. However, as I sat in front of my computer and started to peel back the layers about the footwear phenom behind the brand it became clear that I needed to share more than just the boots. So, I guess this will become a multi-part series of short posts starting with where it all began.
Jillian surprises me with a pair of Role Clubs for my birthday

Located just minutes from Los Angeles' famed Fashion District, Jalisco Shoe Repair is nestled away in one of Downtown's metropolitan areas and houses one of the footwear industries finest craftsman. From his humble beginnings as a young man with a plan to rebuild boots and hunger to learn everything there was about the craft, Brian Truong, more popularly known as Brian The Bootmaker -- or just Brian when used in the context of boot repair/making -- has gone from apprentice to the very talented SeƱor Palacio (aka "The Boot Master") to gaining a foothold of the artisanal cobbler trade and setting the gold standard for others to try and emulate.

As time went on Brian managed to single-handedly create one of the finest examples of handcrafted Vintage-style Engineer Boots I've seen in the past two decades. An effort that has taken him just over five years to perfect. This speaks volumes about his willingness and desire to dominate in the field he is so passionate about. Other bootmakers work a lifetime and don't possess half the talent.

"This man is my shoe teacher. He has been making boots/shoes since the age of 8. I didn't learn to make shoes/boots in school. I leaned everything from this man right here. On November 12, 2010 I stepped into this repair shop looking to buy a spool of thread. I somehow managed to get this man to agree to let me watch him work every Sunday. I don't have many people that I look up to, but this man has all my respect and I would be happy if I ever become half the person he is."

Brian repaired his first pair of boots back in 2010 and in that short amount of time has earned Role Club a page in the history books of classic, premier Engineer Boots alongside the Mister Freedom and John Lofgren boots, but none of this would be possible if it were not for his teacher.

To be continued...

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