Thursday, January 7, 2016


Dear John,

I hope you are well and Happy New Year. I wished to ask your opinion regarding the boots I am going to have made with Brian. I came across Role Club on Instagram and was very impressed with what I saw and decided that, even though they will be my first pair of Engineer Boots, these are the boots for me. I am an apprentice English Bespoke tailor and I think that is partly what drew me to Brian as opposed to other companies. My question is regarding the heel hight, I am 6ft 2in and was wondering if the full stacked heal will be too much or is it simply a personal judgment call? I do want a boot with as close to in detail, as possible, to a 40’s/50’s boot does that mean the full heel? I am passionate collector and wearer of vintage and repro clothing and am therefore enjoy the authentic details.

Many thanks in advance and I very much enjoy reading your blog and your proposal to your wife was an absolute highlight of the Rebel Beat movie.

Take Care,


Greetings and Happy New Year! 

Good choice of boots. For someone on the fence with the heel shape and height, Brian is the guy to custom-build a pair of boots that suit your specific needs. You can't go wrong with either a short or full stacked heel as these profiles were both offered during that golden era of boots. 

Here's a low stacked and blocked heel that is consistent with early 1940's heel profiles

If adding to your height isn't a concern, then I would recommend going all out with a full stack -- it just completes the package for me.

Full stack

If you're on the fence, then you may want to consider removing a stack/lift or two

Single stack removed

It's a pleasure to share my knowledge and experiences on the blog and I'm honored that so many people find the information useful. 

Marriage proposal at Rudolpho's in Los Angeles

Ha! I'm so glad that special moment was captured on film. And to have it archived on Rebel Beat is such a treat.


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