Monday, January 11, 2016


Hi John, 

I am ordering my Role Clubs and had a question about the liner in the toe box. I'm trying to decide between having no liner for a more deflated toe box or go with the liner and letting it break in. What's your opinion on this, did you get your Role Clubs with liner or without?

Thanks for you help and expertise. This is my first pair of engineer boots so I want to get it right.

Thanks again,
The flattened toe box today

Hi Robert,

 Congrats on the decision to order Brian's boots, man! Liner or no liner, the result will always be a flat toe box. In theory, the option to go with no liner will yield the best result, but the size of ones toes will ultimately determine how flat the box remains. Sure they'll "deflate" when not worn, but shove a foot with boot socks back in there and you quickly learn the flatness threshold. The thin leather liner, in my opinion, is that insurance your toes won't ultimately wear a hole through this high stress point after just five years of hard use.

My boots the day they arrived

Totally hypocritical of me since the next pair I'm currently working with Brian on will not have lining -- my first pair of his boots have it and I still get a highly desirable flat toes -- but having worn boots for the better half of twenty-six years, I know what I'm getting myself into (Engineers were made with and without lining in the good ol' days). For someone new to the Engineer Boot world like you, I recommend getting the liner. You won't be disappointed.


Thank you so much! I'll go with the liner. I'll get my boots around August and I'll be ordering one of your belts around then too.


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