Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Howdy -- I'm a big fan of your Instafeed and your blog. Good stuff!

Question -- I have a great pair of Red Wing 8268 rough-out's that have seen some serious wear and are just starting to develop a great patina, but are in need of a re-sole. I'm considering having the steel toe removed as well. I've done some research and it looks like Hukurokuju is the gold standard, but is there anyone domestically you can recommend that can do similar work?


Chad K



First off, thank you for the e-mail and I'm glad you enjoy the feed.

I know it may seem a little absurd to send your footwear halfway across the globe just to have them resoled, but for a long time Takeshi was the only guy "in town" to do the work collectors like me fantasized about. Now, there are half a dozen to choose from in his region that are doing upstanding work. Locally, however, Brian Truong is the man I trust with my boots. Also known as "Brian The Bootmaker," he's based out of Los Angeles and does incredible work. As long as Brian is around, there is no longer a need to send your boots OCONUS. I've had a pair of modern Chippewa Engineers resoled by him and just stopped by his shop today to order my second pair of custom Role Club Engineers.

You can check out his work at www.RoleClub.com and Instagram

Hope this helps.


Here's a pair of modern Chippewa Engineer Boots Brian re-soled (taken from his Instagram feed) and re-lasted using his custom 0-200 flat toe last following the removal of the factory steel toe. 

Glad to hear you say that - I found Brian through independent interweb search and through your feed as well, and contacted him the day after I gave you a shout. He's already hit me back with prices and timelines and it looks like he turns out super quality work. 

 Thanks John!

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